USAAF Station 597 - Langford Lodge - 1942 - 1945
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In Northern Ireland, during 1942, on the former grounds of the Pakenham Estate at Langford Lodge, a huge construction project had started to take shape, known officially as, PROJECT MAGNET. The Lockheed Aircraft Company, had been in secret talks to establish an Aircraft Repair Depot, that could facilitate the reassembly, repair, and modification, of American produced aircraft. In June, the shores of Lough Neagh would soon begin to reverberate with the sound of American accents, as the first boat load of American civilian Lockheed technicians arrived in Ulster. Highly skilled aircraft mechanics, were initially put to work digging ditches, pouring concrete, and erecting buildings, until construction was sufficiently far advanced, to enable them to commence the work for which they had been contracted before leaving the USA. This small publication portrays the adventures of just one of these men, Douglas Haig Eastwood, an American civilian aircraft mechanic, from Pasadena, California. To Purchase a copy, please click the image to the left. Available Worldwide.

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By Bob McComish
I thought it was very interesting to get an insight into wartime Belfast and what went on at the base through those years.

By Speedtrip
Very interesting insight into wartime at the fascinating Langford Lodge site.

Wartime Langford Lodge describes for the first time in detail the circumstances of 48 aircraft accidents directly related to Langford Lodge Air Depot in Northern Ireland, covering the war years 1942-1945. Combining aviation archaeology with meticulous research carried out over a period of 10 years, the author demonstrates that official records do not always tell the whole story. Featuring testimonies from surviving eyewitnesses, excerpts from official declassified aircraft accident reports, combined with “now and then” comparison photographs of the crash sites, William Lindsay has been able to tell the full story of each accident. A memorial in itself, this book now documents for posterity, not just the aircraft involved, but the most important part of each story, the aircrew.  To Purchase a copy, please click the image to the left. Available Worldwide.



Please read the following reviews on the book below:

By Dorothy des Lauriers
My father was among the American civilians who spent the war years repairing damaged aircraft at Langford Lodge. Lindsay's writing is so clear that I felt a connection to the events he describes and I know I've had a peek into a part of my father's wartime experiences in Ireland. Lindsay's book is thoroughly researched, well-organized and extensively illustrated. When eyewitness accounts of these accidents are available, he includes them alongside official as well as archaeological reports. He also shares information about the burials of those who lost their lives in these accidents. There's never a sense of cold detachment about the events being described. He clearly means to honor those who served and those who lost their lives. It's a good read. I highly recommend it. Photo credits are provided. The book is not indexed. The hardcover has a sturdy binding with a protective dust jacket.

By Ken Anderson
An excellent well illustrated book where the subject matter has been well researched and presented. For anyone interested in aviation history, aircraft accdent & incident reporting and history this is definitely one to buy and read.

By Andy WW2NI
The involvement of Northern Ireland in the Second World War is something that is often overlooked by historians but here we have a publication which is of a very high standard. It is clear that very many hours have been taken up with researching the various incidents involving aircraft connected to the large Langford Lodge Base. While giving considerable information relating to these incidents the author has been able to present it in an easily readable form. I find it particularly interesting to learn of what happened to the Aircrews and Aircraft after they departed Langford Lodge to be involved in battle. I am sure this publication will be much sought after by a wide number of readers. Whether you are interested in WW2, Military Aviation or simply what happened at Langford Lodge and the surrounding area then this is the book you have been waiting for!!

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Glenn R. Young, M&TCS Test Pilot Major W.J. Ives, M&TCS Test Pilot Lt. Elliott F. Fields, Lieutenant Colonel R.J. Reed - Station Commander, Major W.C. Marcus - Chief Engineering, Captain L.E. Schoff - Techinical Control, 1st Lt. John C. Lattimore, Captain Louis M. Freedman, T/Sgt. Willie F. Oden - 18036329, 1st Lt. George L. Steinfeld - Flying Controller, Pfc. George E. Hill - 39282209, 1st Lt. Dilon G. Hagen - Flying Controller, 1st Lt. G.D. Freshwater - Flying Control Officer,1st Lt. John C. Lattimore - Weather Officer, 1st Lt. Weldon D. Nickels, Major Robert Porter - Flight Surgeon, Major Joseph E. Lowe, Major Warren M. Gilbert - Medical Officer, Test Pilot Harold B. Reichert, Test Pilot William W. Brown, 1st Lt. James E. Matuska, Lockheed Civilian Test Pilot Howard Trunnell, Sgt. John Davies - 16169072, Major Moir L. Shockley, Captain L.E. Schoff, 1st Lt. G.L. Steinfeld, Captain Elmer D. Hayes - 0-816100,

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