USAAF Station 597 Museum - Langford Lodge, 1942 - 1945

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In the Press

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Exhibtion Board Donations - Many thanks

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Hello Folks

Back again, as promised, more updates. With thanks to Tim Grana, whose father worked for the Lockheed Overseas Corporation at Langford Lodge, I have been able to send off the first 3 exhibition boards to the printers. Many thanks Tim, your contribution to the museum is dearly appreciated.


Museum Updates

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18/06/2013, I have spent the last 7 days working away at the design of the exhibition boards. I have two completed so far: Entertainment - Celebrities and Airfield Control Tower - Construction and Operation. They are in a 6 ft by 3ft format, in full colour and are very big, with lots of photographs and text to feast the eyes on. They are now ready to go to the printers, If you would like to sponsor one of these boards, please do get in touch, the cost of each board to be printed including delivery is GBP £22.99, USD $35.99. I have also designed the front banner which has gone to the printers, this can be seen to the left. Thanks for reading, more updates to come in the next few days, keep checking back.

Langford Lodge Museum

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Hello Folks

It has been a while since I have posted here in the News section, but I have made sure to keep regular updates to other sections of the website. As you may be aware, I am trying to set up a Museum, dedicated to the former American Airfield. This is completely a solo project that I am trying to fit in with other aspects of daily life and work, I have been given the opportunity to use one of the former barracks huts on the old site 5, that was constructed to house employees of the Lockheed Overseas Corporation and later Military personnel. I have a varitey of ideas for the museum, all of which can be seen by going to the musuem section of the website on the naviagation bar. The project will rely on donations to get it up and going, but I am also going to use funds from my book sales of Wartime Langford Lodge to fund the musuem. At the moment, I am designing the exhibition boards, two are now completed, and will be in a 6 ft by 3 ft format, so nice and large, packed with photographs and text. I plan to have 20+ boards, but I have enough data to make around 30+ boards, which will be packed with information, enough to keep any patron happy upon walking in, as there will be plenty of large photographs and text to feast the eyes on.  I have also designed the entrance banner sign, which can be seen below. If you would like to sponsor an exhibition board please get in touch, upon completion, when the museum is ready to launch, I will make sure to credit everyone who helped make it all possible.   To print each one, including delivery costs is GBP £22.99p, USD $35.99, including postage, which is very very good for the size, this is in full colour.



Remembrance Sunday Tribute

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I decided to make my own Remembrance Day cross today, as a memorial to deceased personnel who were either based at Langford Lodge or associated with it during the war years who succumbed to accidents, on and off the base. I placed this at the entrance to Langford Lodge today, with a poppy.

Langford Lodge Control Tower - Archive Footage Added

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Hi Folks, I acquired original archive footage of the control tower at Langford Lodge and brief shots of a P-38 taking off and being taxiied, this footage has not been available in this sort of amazing condition before. I have placed this on the "Langford Lodge, In Film" section, Enjoy.#


5th Airdrome Squadron

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Well Folks, work is still ongoing on the site, I have just updated the Squadrons section and uploaded a history of the 5th Airdrome Squadron, with photographs, the 5th Airdrome Squadron were based at Toome, Langford, and Greencastle.




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Hi Folks,

I have been working on the Links section today, as you will have noticed it is slowly growing. If you would like to exchange website links, please contact me via the contact form.


Blast from the past - 2001 and onwards

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Hi Folks,

Well here's a blast from the past, many of you will remember my old website that I started way back in 2001, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic, so here are a few snaps of the original site from back then and a few photographs taken at the time to accompany it, Enjoy!.