USAAF Langford Lodge - Base Air Depot 3   1942 - 1945

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Hello Folks, Some bad news for you I'm afraid, due to un-forseen circumstances at the current location for the museum, the museum project is currently on hold. This is not to say that the museum will not be happening, a project such as this takes time, as the project was running on donations only, I have amassed a number of exhibit boards and I will continue to produce more until the project is good and ready, a good job takes time, and that is what I am aiming to do.

Lately there has been advertising of taking donations for this project through the Borderline Combat Facebook Website, which is now on the same premises. Please let it be known, that this Langford Lodge museum project, of which my banner and logo have been used without permission, is not in any way associated with Borderline Combat, and I was not informed that they were taking donations on behalf of the museum, to this day, the museum project has not seen any donations from borderline combat.
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